Phone Claw Inc.

The Phone Claw is a desktop phone holder designed to improve smartphone usage by enabling hands free operation.  





Herman Garner, Founder
p: 678-509-5532

The number of smartphone users in the world is estimated at around 3 billion with over 262 million in the United States. Technology has made it possible to use smartphones for:

  • Video calls on services like Skype and Google Hangouts.

  • Watching movies on services like YouTube and Netflix.

  • Voice control with services like Siri and Google Voice.

  • And a vast array of new uses that are multiplying consumer dependence on smartphones.

The Problem:

  • Watching videos and placing video calls with smartphones is frustrating because the user has a hard time holding the phone.

  • Poor sound quality on smartphones due to low quality built-in speakers and microphones.

  • Shorter battery life from watching videos.

  • This is particularly true in office environments where the phone in included in the workflow.

desktop phone holder

The Solution:

The Phone Claw facilitates the hands free use of smartphones. It features:

  • Wireless charging pad.

  • Adjustable holder to accommodate any size phone.

  • Swivel adjustment to point phone in any direction.

  • High quality Bluetooth speaker for engaging in conversation, listening to music and watching movies.

  • Extra sensitive microphone for improved recording and conversation.

  • Comfortable grip to move the Phone Claw around the room or in the field.

Business Model:

Manufacture the Phone Claw in the Pacific Rim at approximately $25.

Sell to companies like Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Staples Office Supplies and Best Buy for $50. This unit has a suggested retail price of $100.

The Company will also sell the Phone Claw to organizations that have employees that use desktop computers and laptops. The Phone Claw will be introduced as a desktop companion that will improve worker productivity by making the employee’s smartphone more accessible during working hours and improving workplace ergonomics.

U.S. Market:

Ericsson reports that in 2018, 262.4 million Americans accessed the internet through their mobile phone.


The U.S. market for smartphone accessories is over $6 billion annually.


The company believes that the Phone Claw will generate over $120 million in sales during its first year of operation, or approximately 2% of the market for domestic smartphone accessories.


Initially there will be no significant competition because a comparable product has not been introduced to the market. 

The Company recognizes that the smartphone accessories market is highly competitive and includes numerous domestic and foreign participants, some of whom are extremely large and have the resources to quickly enter this market.

OtterBox, for example, presently commands annual sales in excess of half a billion dollars.

Competitive Advantages:

U.S. Patent Claims

The Phone Claw is protected by the United States Patent and Trademark Office under Title 35 U.S.C sec. 111(b) of the United States Code.

Further, we will establish and maintain our competitive edge on the basis of: (1) being first to market; (2) developing product recognition and brand image through an aggressive educational and advertising campaign, and (3) on the basis of our ability to provide novel and innovative high quality products.

Current Status:

We have completed 75% of prototype development.

We have initiated the process of sourcing raw materials and off-the-shelf products. We have also priced plastic injection molds and connected with manufacturing facilities that have adequate production capability to satisfy the market demand for our products.

We have also initiated relationships with major retail and institutional buyers.

desktop phone holder

Investment Opportunity:

Phone Claw, Inc., a Georgia Corporation is offering 1,000,000 Shares of its authorized voting common stock (“the Shares”) to qualified investors at a purchase price of $5.00 per Share (the “Offering”). The minimum subscription is 1000 Shares ($5,000), unless the Company, in its sole discretion, elects to accept subscriptions for fewer shares.

The company intends to position itself for acquisition by a larger company or to go public within 5 years.

Use of Proceeds:


Production Capability

 $  2,500,000

General & Administrative

 $     850,000

Marketing & Business Development

 $     900,000

Accounts Payable

 $       75,000

Placement Expense

 $     550,000


 $     125,000


 $  5,000,000

Pro Forma Profit Monthly FY 2020-2021

The Company’s first year sales projections total $123,825,707 (2.3 million units at $50.00 per unit). This projection is based on a 2% market penetration of the $6 billion smartphone accessories market in the United States. It is benchmarked against sales reported by manufactures in the same product category.

Core Team

Herman Garner
Ceo / Founder

Ravi Krishnan
Full Stack Developer

Ed Starkey
Sr. Software Engineer