Desktop Phone Holder with Wireless Charging Pad and Bluetooth Speaker and Microphone

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Desktop Phone Holder to Improve the Smartphone Experience

The number of smartphone users in the world is estimated at around 3 billion with over 225 million in the United States.  Increasing wireless connection speed and faster processing power have made it possible to use smartphones for:

  • Video calls on services like Skype and Google Hangouts.
  • Watching movies on services like YouTube and Netflix.
  • Voice control with services like Siri and Google Voice.
  • And a vast array of new uses that are multiplying consumer dependence on smartphones.

Desktop phone holder designed to improve smartphone usage by enabling hands free operation. This device features:

  • A Wireless Qi charging pad.
  • Adjustable holder to accommodate any size phone.
  • Swivel adjustment to point phone in desired direction.
  • High quality Bluetooth speaker for engaging in conversation, listening to music and watching movies.
  • Extra sensitive microphone for improved recording and conversation.
  • Comfortable grip to move the Phone Claw around the room or in the field.

Liberate Your Hands

Desktop phone holder makes hands free use of smartphones possible at home or the office.


Increase productivity, improve work flow, more enjoyable experience.


Watch Movies Hands Free, Video Chat, Listen to Music, Conference Call or Read.


Free your hands to cook, work on your laptop, plant flowers, speak in sign language or whatever you want.

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desktop phone holder
desktop phone holder
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desktop phone holder