Executive Summary

The Phone Claw, Inc. will be a leading manufacturer and marketer of the Phone Claw. The Phone Claw is a desktop phone holder designed to improve smartphone usage by enabling hands free operation. This device features:

– Wireless Qi charging pad.
– Adjustable holder to accommodate any size phone.
– Swivel adjustment to point phone in desired direction.
– High quality Bluetooth speaker for engaging in conversation, listening to music and watching movies.
– Extra sensitive microphone for improved conversation and recording.
– Comfortable grip to move the Phone Claw around the room or in the field.

These features will make video calls, watching movies, listening to music and overall phone usage more enjoyable.

The U.S. market for smartphone accessories is over $6 billion annually. Faster broadband connectivity and more powerful devices have paved the way for new smartphone uses which require hands-free operation; like Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Video Calling, Google Hangouts, Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube.

The Company believes that the Phone Claw will capture a large percentage of the U.S. and global market for smartphone accessories because it is first-to-market with a product that offers the perfect combination of features needed to facilitate hands-free smartphone usage. It will become a standard smartphone accessory. The company believes that the Phone Claw will generate over $120 million in sales during its first year of operation, or approximately 2% of the market for domestic smartphone accessories.

Retail Sales

The company will distribute its Phone Claw and related products through leading retailers like Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Staples Office Supplies and Best Buy.

Institutional Sales

The Company will also sell the Phone Claw to organizations that have employees that use desktop computers and laptops. The Phone Claw will be introduced as a desktop companion that will improve worker productivity by making the employee’s smartphone more accessible during working hours and improving workplace ergonomics.

Further, the Company will successfully capitalize on the Phone Claw brand name to develop and market a broad range of cellular phone accessories, including wireless keyboards, wireless pointing devices, cellular phone projection devices, devices to improve cell phone operation for seniors and disabled individuals and other devices to extend the use of smartphones. This broad product line will enable the Company to position itself with retailers and consumers as a smartphone accessory products provider and to stimulate incremental sales by cross marketing its various products.